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Renewable Energy for Homes Off Grid

Homes that are found in incredibly rural parts of the country will often have no electricity supply, meaning they have to survive without electricity or look at generating their own source. Often renewable energy sources such a solar, water or wind power hold the answer, with these homes being able to generate enough electricity for themselves.

If you are generating your own electricity then you could be receiving payments through feed-in tariffs. This is also the case for those homes that are off the grid, allowing you to receiving some of the tariff for generating your electricity, but you will be unable to get the tariff for exporting it.
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What is Earthship ?

What is Earthship ? | Sustainable Energy |

An Earthship is a type of passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials. Designed and marketed by Earthship Biotecture of Taos, New Mexico, the homes are primarily constructed to work autonomously and are generally made of earth-filled tires, using thermal mass construction to naturally regulate indoor temperature. They also usually have their own special natural ventilation system. Earthships are generally Off-the-grid homes, minimizing their reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels.

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New off-grid PV concepts unveiled

New off-grid PV concepts unveiled | Sustainable Energy |
Although off-grid photovoltaic technology still represents a relatively small market segment in the solar industry, for many, the technology has become vitally important. At the second Off-grid Experts Workshop organized by Phaesun, numerous specialists met in order to discuss the newest concepts.
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