Gouda - Royal Imtech N.V. (IM-AE, technical services provider in and outside Europe) is going to give a boost to the solar energy industry in Peru as part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS). It involves two pilot projects in a school and a hospital in the village of Sibayo, in the Colca Canyon in the Andes mountains. The company will be working alongside various manufacturers of solar energy equipment. Together with them and other manufacturers, the aim is to provide similar solutions for other villages in the same valley in due course. A collaboration agreement has also been reached with San Pablo University in Arequipa, the purpose of which is to develop a prototype for solar energy heating that can be used in homes located in mountainous areas across Peru. This is a relatively under-developed region with a high level of infant mortality and poor healthcare provision. A conference is being organised in conjunction with the university about the use of sustainable energy in the specific circumstances of Peru, in order to bring about a broad-based transfer of knowledge. Students and school pupils will be involved in the project.