Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing | VIA Design 2013 | CoolBizCollective |

Paris | 31.01.2013 - 17.03.2013

"In three stops – the Maison&Objet salon (Paris, January 2013), the VIA Gallery (Paris, February- March 2013) and the Milan fair (April 2013) –, the exhibition VIA Design 2013 will present to both professionals and the general public our Creation assistance projects for 2013. In 300 m⊃2; of show-space, visitors will discover prototypes financed by VIA and designed by the rising generation of French designers. The show will also feature work by a guest designer from another country. An annual event, the VIA Creation assistance prototypes exhibition is without doubt one of the best showcases for seeing the design of tomorrow now.
Exhibits will include one Carte Blanche award 2012-2013, four Project assistance grants, one Partnership project and one Guest designer from abroad (a new VIA initiative). The prototypes on show at VIA Design 2013 propose many innovations in terms of materials, experimental techniques, research into new industrial processes, and approaches to eco-design and production."

Via Centre de Documentació del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona