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Email Best "Off Peak" & What Does Trend Mean For Social Media Marketing? Experian Study

Email Best "Off Peak" & What Does Trend Mean For Social Media Marketing? Experian Study | email |
Perhaps it's a case of standing out from the crowd. For the second consecutive year, a report from Experian Marketing Services [download page] covering Q4 email activity has

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Experian Study Email Open and Conversion Rates Best Off Peak
Send your email marketing when everyone else is and your response rates will suffer. The results of this study showing the off peak time of 8 to midnight converts the best reminds me of what a friend told me the other day.

My friend is a businesswoman mom and about ten other things. She explained that she likes to get in bed with her phone or tablet and curate her email. Most end up in the trash, but a great subject line or offer from a trusted source might get opened and might even prompt a buying decision.

The Experian study may have implications for blogging and social media marketing too. I've always been skeptical about the "right time" infographics that float around since they tend to form a consensus and I'm interested in avoiding the mob as much as possible.

VIral content goes viral for many reasons time of day may be one of them, but I doubt it. I think Experian's results should create a pause before we all pile on to creating Internet marketing lock stepped to some formula that doesn't work.  

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20 interesting Infographics on email marketing

20 interesting Infographics on email marketing | email |

Email marketing has become one of the strongest marketing tools in present time. Buyers are trying to reach their potential customers and consumers through emails. This is one of the most effective yet cost saving technology which allows any company to directly reach up to its customers.


Almost 70% of internet users buy online products and email marketing plays a very significant role in that. Email can efficiently carry all the information about a product that consumer can read and understand at ease.


Email communication also allows the consumer to revert back to the seller in case of any kind of query regarding their product and services....

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more the need for #netiquette iq

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Remember email? These infographics will remind you of the power of email marketing.