Elementary Technology Education
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Elementary Technology Education
Emerging technologies applying current educational pedagogy in elementary classrooms.
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Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends (download free Whitepaper)

Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends (download free Whitepaper) | Elementary Technology Education | Scoop.it
Read the latest 10 innovations in Blended Learning. Written with Getting Smart.

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Three Social Trends That Will Influence Education in 2014

Three Social Trends That Will Influence Education in 2014 | Elementary Technology Education | Scoop.it

There are patterns within the trend predictions for 2014 that are worthy of paying attention to. There is strong, if not overwhelming evidence that behaviour patterns of students, educators, employees and professionals are moving towards the use of social tools for learning, working and teaching. Collaborating seamlessly face-to-face and at a distance, bringing the human element to virtual interactions, and personalized learning will prevail in 2014; each facilitated by technology. But it’s not going to be about the technology, it will be about making connections by voice and/or visual, contributing to new knowledge, and learning with and from others—all mediated through social media. It will be the behaviours of students, lifelong learners and educators—their use of technology, specifically social media applications that will influence education in the upcoming year.


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Trends for 2014

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Alfredo Corell's curator insight, December 30, 2013 11:36 AM

Though we can predict and make an educated guess what the year 2014 will hold for education, we won’t really know until we are in it—knee deep. The year 2012 named by the New York Times as the Year-of-the-MOOC, shook the foundations of education, and no one saw it coming. Will social media influence education by increasing collaboration, humanize the learning experience, and support personalized learning in 2014? Time will tell.