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Portfolio Infographic Design Kit

Portfolio Infographic Design Kit | eLearning related topics | Scoop.it

A free resource from Tripwire Magazine: a useful portfolio infographics design kit you can use for your personal or business portfolio or CV.

For those looking for a simple and easy to tweak portfolio, take a look at this Infographics design kit- a tool for anyone updating a portfolio or CV to make it stand out. The elements come in PDS and Ai files...

Via Lauren Moss, Dennis T OConnor
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Infographic Builders: 9 Free Tools To Create Great Visual Charts

Infographic Builders: 9 Free Tools To Create Great Visual Charts | eLearning related topics | Scoop.it

Robin Good: Here is a handy short guide to nine free infographic creation tools that can be utilized to create enticing visuals, word charts and data-based infographics without having special technical skills.


Useful. 8/10


Check them all out: http://www.infographicsarchive.com/create-infographics-and-data-visualization/ ;


(Unearted by Andres Taborga)

Via Robin Good
vgpascal's insight:

Une bôite à outils pour "raconter des histoires avec des données". En formation, à utiliser avec parcimonie pour ne pas renforcer les pulsions scopiques sans valeur ajoutée ;)

Mary A. Axford's curator insight, April 1, 8:27 AM

Nice collection of infographic tools from an expert in digital curation.


David Baker's curator insight, April 3, 11:47 AM

I am adding this to my seminar resources. Having another set of tools for my teachers to create their PIE Infographics is important.  Creating visual representations of learning is such a powerful learning for teachers and is a skill they can transfer to their classroom and for students to create in the classroom.

Trude Burnett's curator insight, May 9, 3:48 PM

Good tools to make Infographics