Edmodo Makes the Move from Social Network to Education Platform | Digital Learning - beyond eLearning and Blended Learning in Higher Education | Scoop.it

Edmodo hopes to make the move from "app" to "platform," with the opening today of its API to third-party Web developers.

At launch, Edmodo boasts some 35 partners who have already developed apps for the new platform -- these include Mathalicious, Late Nite Labs, Desmos, BrainNook, Aviary and (30) others. Using the Edmodo API, these companies can now connect their own apps to the Edmodo social network, meaning that they can tap into Edmodo's badge functionality, feeds, assignments, grade book and so on. These apps are integrated with Edmodo, in terms of single sign-on, analytics, and -- and this is key for both Edmodo users and app developers -- roles (that is, who's a teacher, who's a student, what grade is the student, who's a parent, who's a principal and so on).

Via Mark Smithers, Kim Flintoff