Check out the photos of EHJE's peanut butter products.


These peanut products are manufactured by Jennilyn Antonio of the Philippines under the brand name EHJE's. Jennilyn started out as a micro-entrepreneur, selling a total of one Kilo of peanut paste a week to co-workers, to augment her salary at an assembly plant. I met her when she attended a course offered by my USAID Peanut -CRSP project and approached me, during course breaks, for feedback on a sample of peanut butter.  I have advised EHJE on peanut butter technologies since her start-up stages, producing one kilo of ground peanuts a week, to sell to co-workers to use in their kare-kare/peanut soup.


Her peanut butter goes through stringent processing stages to ensure safety and quality. USAID funding allows me to "incubate" industries from micro- to large-scale, to ensure safe and high-quality peanut products in the marketplace.


Look for these in stores in the Philippines.  Jennilyn distributes her products through the SM Supermarket chain and various Bakeshops located in the Philippines but will soon go international. Her products are safe and have high quality.   A true success story.   

Anna Resurreccion

Via Anna V. A. Resurreccion