In a bid for peace, Egyptian tours Nile Basin on his motorbike | Égypt-actus |

Omar Mansour al-Fardy is the first Egyptian, Arab and native African who has attempted to travel the world with his motorbike, “transmitting Egyptian cultural heritage,” according to his website.

He began a new journey — another part of his world tour — on 7 December, touring all 11 Nile Basin countries to follow the Nile to its start in the heart of Africa. He has now covered more than 7,000 kilometers.

His aim: to spread a message of peace, and to strengthen the relationship between Egypt and the other countries that share the Nile.

In an interview with Egypt Independent, Fardy discussed his childhood, his new journey and the obstacles he faces, and his future plans. (...)


Although it started as a hobby, I realized that my bike could be a good communication tool. People would stop me everywhere to ask where I was from and why I was traveling. I found it a good chance to represent the tolerance and morals of Muslim and Arab people. (...)


I called this journey “One Nile, One Nation” to emphasize that the Nile must be a tool for uniting us, not a reason for conflict and disputes. Touring these countries on my motorbike will allow me to go through every village and speak to hundreds of people. I intend also to go to sports clubs and orphanages to spread the message on a wider scale.


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