Sexual harassment goes underground in Cairo as artists bring the drama onto the metro | Égypt-actus |

Ahram Online rode the underground with Noon Creative Enterprise as they put on one of their dozens of performances over the past two weeks in Cairo's metro cars, opening conversations with commuters on sexual harassment.

Recently, media coverage of sexual harassment – or perhaps more accurately gang rapes – in the protest centre, Tahrir Square, has opened a much-needed public debate on sexual harassment as a whole. (...)


This week some artists have started addressing the issue of sexual harassment through an interactive play in Cairo's ever-so-crowded metro.


"Why are you upset?" asks the male actor, Hany Taher as he hangs off one of the slightly-too-high railings on Cairo's metro as the train went through the Demerdash station near Abbasiya on the Helwan line.


"You want to know why I'm so upset?" answers actress Safaa Yehia angrily. "On my way here I was on the bus, and a man kept coming near me and pressing up against me. I kept walking away, but he wouldn't get the hint. No one on the bus did anything, so I got off at the next station."


"You didn't do anything about it?" asks another actress, Maha Moneib. "I would have hit him with my shoe and caused a scene on the bus," she said cheekily.


This skit was part of Hara TV's performance on sexual harassment. The actors, all part of Noon Creative Enterprise, put on this skit, as they ride the metro through different stations and invite the audience to participate in the conversation on the issue.


Since the issue is quite hot at the moment, many people replied saying what they thought the girl should do. One woman on the metro suggested she should have caused a scene, another man congratulated her on ignoring him and getting off the bus, while another younger man suggested she should have asked another man on the bus to help talk to him.


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