Egypt: Publish Fact-Finding Committee Report | Human Rights Watch | Égypt-actus |

President Mohamed Morsy should mark the second anniversary of Egypt’s January 25, 2011 uprising by publishing and acting upon the findings of a fact-finding committee on accountability for security force abuses, Human Rights Watch said today. The committee reported to him in December 2012.


The president appointed the committee soon after he took office in June, following the acquittal of several senior security officials accused of responsibility for the killings of protesters during the uprising that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak. Two years later, those responsible for the killing of protesters in 2011 and subsequent incidents of police and military abuses and excessive use of force against protesters are walking free. Without accountability and the political will for serious reform of the security sector, there can be little hope of deterring future abuse, Human Rights Watch said.


“Two years after the uprising, prosecution failings, security agency cover-ups, and a failure of political will have conspired to deny justice to victims of government abuse,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East andNorth Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “It’s high time to end political compromise over accountability and to set the public record straight. Publishing this report about police and military force abuses is the first step.” (...)


Publication of the new report would be a step towards addressing the right of victims’ families to know the truth about the circumstances in which their relatives died, Human Rights Watch said. That should be possible without compromising the interests of justice – for example by withholding the names of those allegedly responsible while the allegations against them are rigorously investigated.”