Al-Watan propose initiative to solve Egypt’s crisis | Égypt-actus |

Joel Gulhane | Daily news Egypt


The Al-Watan Party proposed a new initiative on Wednesday in an attempt to solve the current economic and political crisis in Egypt. The Salafi party put forward a 13-point plan called “The Charter of Honour and National Responsibility”.

In a statement the party outlined the plan and the different elements of the crisis in Egypt, both economic and political. Al-Watan recommended that the initiative be implemented by whichever party or bloc wins the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The plan provides 13 recommendations for the new government which include achieving reconciliation between political parties, the establishment of an economic development committee, inclusive governance, social justice, education reform, equality and youth employment.

The plan places great importance on working to solve the economic crisis through international investment and increasing employment, especially amongst the Egyptian youth.


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