Saturday marches for slain Egyptian protesters Jika and Kristy | Égypt-actus |

Activists and friends of Gaber 'Jika' Salah and Mohamed 'Kristy' Hussein have called on the public and members of political groups to join marches that will be held on Saturday to call for fair retribution for the slain protesters.


Jika, 16, a member of April 6 Youth Movement, was killed in November 2012 during protests on the first anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes. He died after being shot in the head and chest.


Kristy, an activist and one of the founders of anti-Brotherhood Ikhwan Kazeboon Facebook page, was killed in recent violent clashes at the presidential palace.

On social media, a variety of groups including the Facebook pages 'We are all Gaber Jika', 'Ikhwan Kazeboon' and 'We are all the rebellious Kristy' called for marches in downtown Cairo on Saturday at 11am, from Mohamed Mahmoud Street to the prosecutor-general's office in the High Court, to insist on retribution for Jika and Kristy.