Almost one-third of Nile Delta to sink by 2030, say experts | Égypt-actus |

Environmental experts have predicted that 30% of the Nile Delta will be submerged under water by 2030 because of the rise in land temperatures due to climate change. They added that this may threaten agriculture in Egypt.

This is also largely due to the even more rapid urbanisation witnessed as a result of the lack of security after the revolution, said Head of the Environmental Committee at the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA) Ali El-Koraiey, according to MENA.

The predictions came during a conference, ‘The Future of Egypt’s Water and Investments in Nile Basin Countries’, organised by the Environmental Committee at the EBA.


Climate change and the rise of Mediterranean Sea water levels due to global warming are major challenges facing Egypt in the coming era, said the experts.

“The increase of salts in underground water is a crisis and real challenge,” said El-Koraiey. “Moreover, it also threatens agricultural land”.

Former Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mahmoud Abo Zied said that 14% of Egypt’s water is currently allocated to the agricultural sector, while industry consumes 30%, with 56% used for other services.


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