Alliance between seven Islamist parties | Égypt-actus |

Seven Islamist parties, Al-Rayah, Al-Islah, Al-Aamal Al Gadid, Al-Asalah, Al-Fadilah, Al-Shaab and Al-Islami announced in a conference on Saturday their new coalition under the name “Al-Ummah Alliance”.

The conference was attended by disqualified presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail of Al-Rayah party, Magdi Ahmed Hussain of the New Labor Party, Atiya Adlan of the Al-Islah Pary, Mahmoud Fathy of the Al-Fadilah Party and Khaled Saeed of the Al-Shaab Party.

Abu Ismail announced that the coalition will confront any attempts by opposition forces to overthrow the regime or bring back military rule.


He commented on the current incidents in Cairo and other governorates as “a crisis much bigger than the historic Cairo fire” of 1952.

Abu Ismail added that rumours of the army resuming control of the state as a result of the security vacuum is “not just a red line, but a line of flamed fire, that we all will face with full strength”.


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