Egyptian Geologist Roshdi Saeed Dies At 93 | Égypt-actus |

Prominent Egyptian geologist Roshdi Saeed passed away Thursday in Washington DC where he had been living for more than 30 years.

Saeed graduated from Cairo University in 1937. He was celebrated for being the first Egyptian to hold a Masters degree from Harvard University.

He started teaching at Cairo University in the 1950s until he was appointed head of the National Mining Organisation, responsible for mineral deposits in Egyptian deserts, in 1968.

He was honoured by late President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1962 with a first class medal for science and arts in appreciation of his scientific contributions to Egypt.

Saeed later resigned from the National Mining Organisation in 1977, disapproving of Anwar El-Sadat’s policies and the rise of corruption.

In 1981, a few weeks before the assassination of El-Sadat, Saeed was arrested along with tens of intellectuals and loud critics of the 1979 Peace Treaty with Israel.

Saeed left the country the same year to the United States and lived there until he died.


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