Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 08:  Magic in Ancient Egypt | Égypt-actus | Scoop.it

This week Em Hotep Digest takes a look at magic in ancient Egypt.  Magic as both a creative concept and a deity, magicians and their work, spells and sacred texts, wands, magic bricks, charms and amulets, all these are discussed in detail within, along with photography and contributions from the Em Hotep BBS folks.

Contributors:  Thanks go to Claudia Ali, Géraldine Ashby, Yvonne Buskens, Ia Georgia, Heidi Kontkanen, Joan Lansberry, Vicky Metafora, Nebty, Richie O’Neill, Keith Payne,  friends from the SSEA/SEEA, and all the other people who contributed to the various conversations in the Em Hotep BBS group.