Egyptian -Turkish Shipping Line Received 20 Tours In 2 Months | Égypt-actus |

A reliable source in Port Said Ports Authority (PSPA) has announced that the  reliable source in Port Said Ports Authority (PSPA) has announced that the Egyptian-Turkish shipping line received 20 tours from December 2012 to 10th February 2013.


The ships, which were coming from Port of Iskenderun to Port Said, transferred 5817 tourists; some of them are Syrian refugees. The loading and unloading processes haven't influenced by the latest political incidents, as the ships unloaded 1785 trucks and loaded 1787 ones.


(...) The Egyptian-Turkish shipping line is working regularly without any obstacles; moreover, it achieves great results pursuant to the agreement signed between Egypt and Turkey to transfer the Turkish goods to Gulf countries via the Egyptian ports.


On the other hand, Gen. Ahmed Naguib Sharaf referred to his previous meeting the owner of the Turkish sides, in which he called for increasing the number of tours between the Turkish Port of Iskenderun and Port Said Port, and announced his willingness to boost the investments volume in Egypt through opening a new shipping line in Suez within the coming three months.