Egyptians compete to go into space | Égypt-actus |

Many kids dream of becoming astronauts when they grow up, but as time passes they follow different paths and satisfy the dream they once had by watching movies and series, like Star Wars and Star Trek, telling tales of civilisations elsewhere in our galaxy, or in a galaxy far, far away. A competition is currently under way that has revived the genuine dream for many, because the prize is a trip into space.

A leading brand of deodorant has started a worldwide competition where anyone who has ever wanted to go into space can enter. The competition takes place over several stages in every country and then move on to the US towards the end of this year, where the top contestants from each country will undergo rigorous mental and physical testing. A qualified team will then select the lucky winners who will travel 103 kilometres into space.

At this moment in time the competition is still in the first stage and one of the Egyptian hopefuls is Mohamed Shehata, who is entering in South Africa, his country of residence. (Daily news Egypt)


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