Update: Kefaya calls for mass protest against activist arrests | Égypt-actus | Scoop.it

The prosecutor general is reportedly planning to order the arrest of 23 more anti-Brotherhood activists on charges of inciting violence in last week's Moqattam clashes. (...)


Condemning the decision, members of the Kefaya movement have called for a mass prayer in front of the prosecutor general's office, staging a mass demonstration and besieging the High Court. They also issued a call to storm the Media Production City.


In a statement issued Monday, the movement said the protest rejects the "oppression by the militias of the regime [President Mohamed Morsy's administration], representing the Muslim Brotherhood, against opposition [forces]." They said pressing charges against anti-Brotherhood activists constituted an act of oppression.


"You [the Brotherhood] are acting like Mubarak.You will not terrify us by filing your reports or oppressing us," the movement cautioned in its statement.


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