Egypt Gets Practical Support On Stolen Assets Recovery: UK | Égypt-actus |

The UK has revealed plans to provide Arab Spring countries with more technical assistance to help them recover stolen assets.

Egyptian judicial officials complain the UK has refused more than half of their Mutual Legal Assistances (MLA) requests. The UK Home Office denies the claim.

MLAs are a formal way of countries requesting assistance in obtaining evidence located outside their jurisdiction to assist in criminal investigations or proceedings.

“The UK central authority has not refused any of these requests," a UK Home Office spokesman told Ahram Online.

“The authority may have requested further information so that requests can be properly executed; this is not the same as refusing a request,” he said, adding that the authority received 17 MLA requests from Egypt in 2011.


Egypt says the UK has received about 25 MLA requests of which 15 have been refused.


The UK Foreign Office says Egypt has been given significant assistance from a number of UK government departments and agencies to ensure their MLA requests contain the required information to allow the UK to approve the request.


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