Elections violate Islamic Law: Egypt's Mohamed El-Zawahiri | Égypt-actus | Scoop.it

Mohamed El-Zawahiri, prominent Salafist leader and brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman El-Zawahiri, declared on Monday that democratic elections violated Islamic Law since they put "sovereignty in the hands of the people and not God."


In an interview with Turkish news agency Anadolu, El-Zawahiri stressed his rejection of "the secular system and its mechanisms." He went on to call for the implementation of "true Sharia [Islamic Law] as based on genuine religious texts."


He added that he would not give in to current political realities or abandon his principles, which, he said, he planned to promote among the public.

"Based on past experience, and as seen in several countries, elections do not lead to the application of Islamic Law," he asserted.


He noted, however, that Egypt's current system of governance under President Mohamed Morsi was "much better than before," as there was now much greater scope for preaching and expressing one's opinion than there was under the former regime.

"But the current situation is still far from what we dream of," El-Zawahiri added.


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