Foreigners fear for safety in Egypt as violence engulfs country | Égypt-actus |

With violence rocking Egypt’s main cities, including in downtown Cairo, foreigners living in the North African country have begun to report instances of intimidation, being blocked from returning home and at least one American citizen was reported to have been detained for hours by Egyptian security forces near the clashes.

For one American, who asked not to be named due to the security situation, who lives in Garden City, he said police were roaming the streets and asking if foreigners lived in any buildings.

“We heard from our bawwab (doorman) that police had asked about foreigners living in our building and a few others on our street. Thankfully, they told them nobody lived here and the police went away, but others haven’t been so lucky,” he told

“I had a friend who was interrogated in his flat for an hour as the police searched his computer and looked for a camera. He hadn’t even left his apartment for two days, but because the clashes were close, they wanted to know,” he added.

In Port Said, where violent clashes have taken over the city following a funeral procession for the 33 people killed in violent street battles on Saturday, a UK Independent reporter on the scene has warned photographers and foreigners from taking pictures. Alastair Beach said a phone he was carrying was taken and smashed in front of him by protesters in the city as he covers the ongoing violence, which has seen at least three people killed on Sunday.