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Scooped by Monica Mirza

'GOODBYE HMV' - A Tribute to HMV | Mark Read

As I was watching the news on Monday morning, I found myself getting a little teary eyed over the reports of the last great music store HMV going into admini...
Monica Mirza's insight:

Had been wilfing on the web for a while to search for resources around the music industry and its giants and stumbled on this : a pleasant -and well-known- tune.. that had me shiver. Mark Read's got a nice voice  -by the way, how can it be his ?!! His imitation's of Elton John has got so close...

The song sounds thrilling -witty lyrics filled with emotion, irony... and possible ESL plans topics !

To me the song makes a smart example to illustrate a lesson plan on parody, along with other literary figures. Might also be considered an interesting resource to work on the digital age possible cons or casualties -food for thought to help our students' debate for or against an "all digital world".

Part of the English-speaking world civilisation, the British "Voix de son Maître" [didn't know HMV was its primary name !] illustrates the evolution of music industry / unemployment in the UK / ...

Well done, Mr Piano Man, you made my day :-)


Judith Morais's comment, January 26, 2013 10:59 PM
Hi Monica. I loved this find. Its a great song, and like you said, it will be great for a lesson on parodies. Wonder if we will be able to get the words- useful for ESL learners.
Rescooped by Monica Mirza from English Listening Lessons

Skyfall, by Adele

Skyfall, by Adele | EFL-ESL, ELT, Education | Language - Learning - Teaching - Educating | Scoop.it


"A gap listening fill quiz for English language students on the theme tune to the New James Bond Film Skyfall, to learn and practise using simple, high frequency English words."

Via Sue Lyon-Jones
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