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Hacia la disrupción educativa en la era del Aprendizaje Aumentado...
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eLearning Trends: bLearning 2.0

eLearning Trends: bLearning 2.0 | |

Organizations globally are recognizing that blending different training types is the most effective and cost efficient way to improve performance. But what does the blended learning look like in 2014? 

Interactive Services has engaged in the development of blended learning projects for many of its clients. ‘Blend 2.0’ is the term we are using to describe the type of blends we are developing right now.

Blend 2.0 describes training blends that incorporate emerging web technologies – mobile learning, gamification, and social media – with classroom or instructor-led training. This is a step up from earlier blends, which usually only combined classroom training and asynchronous eLearning.

New web technologies, such as gamification and social media, are allowing organizations to add more elements to their blended learning programs. This:

  • Increases learner engagement and enthusiasm
  • Encourages greater interaction
  • Increase the level of feedback
  • Improve the overall success rate of the learning experience


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The end of the web, search, and computer as we know it

The end of the web, search, and computer as we know it | |
It all began with the “lifestream,” a phenomenon that I predicted in the 1990s and shared in the pages of Wired almost exactly 16 years ago.
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16 Learning Trends, We Simply CAN'T Ignore!

This presentation explores 16 learning trends, we need to take more seriously in 2013 and beyond. These learning trends won't run away, so we better find learni
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Trends in interactive design 2013

Prophets Agency presents "ID13": the trends in Interactive Design for 2013. Third year in a row, after the ID11 and ID12 trends. Written and designed by our Des

Via Juan Jesús Baño Egea, Ana Rodera, juandoming
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10 tendencias digitales para 2013 y más allá...

10 tendencias digitales para 2013 y más allá... | |
La consultora FJORD ha publicado sus diez claves para 2013, en las que explica el mundo digital que está por venir.
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Tendencias de los servicios digitales 2013 (Fjord)

Service design consultancy Fjord presents its annual trends predictions, showcasing 10 trends that will shape digital services in 2013. This year’s report for
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Tendencias: 25 nuevas demandas sociales que buscan líderes

Tendencias: 25 nuevas demandas sociales que buscan líderes | |
Estamos inmersos en un gran cambio cultural sin precedentes en la historia de la humanidad y por lo tanto, un momento inmejorable para todos aquellos que sepan
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