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Hacia una educación disruptiva en la era del conocimiento hiperconectado...
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PLN: For ongoing learning in a connected world

PLN: For ongoing learning in a connected world | |

In today’s model of a global organization, teams are often scattered, employees work onsite or from home, road warriors are always “on the road”—in short, the concept of teams working shoulder to shoulder every day, literally and metaphorically standing by each other, talking over problems and challenges at their desks are slowly being replaced by virtual teams who interact via social tools and platforms, use Webex for meetings, get into teleconferences to talk over issues and update each other via enterprise social networks, emails and WhatsApp. Add to this, the rise of the individual worker (employees on contract, working from home, holding a second job, project-based workers, etc.) working from anywhere - home, cafeteria, library, where you will...and we can see the need for the individual to take ownership of their professional development. The rise of the economy of individuals and on-demand economy is here...

Work is becoming location agnostic. It is no longer necessary to come to office. Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile devices and social platforms ensure that work can happen from anywhere. Distributed and dispersed teams are coming together for projects, and disbanding once the task is accomplished. While the need for permanent employees and a dedicated workforce will still continue, the shift is evident.

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 Sahana Chattopadhyay comparte en su blog un interesante y completo artículo sobre la importancia de crear Redes Personales de Aprendizaje en el trabajo y en la vida.


 El trabajo ha cambiado profundamente, trabajamos e interactuamos de otra manera. El concepto de "equipo de trabajo" es totalmente diferente al de hace unos años. Otros modelos de colaboración, otra tecnología y otras herramientas.


 Los empleados cobran protagonismo a la hora de enfocar su desarrollo profesional. Y en este punto es donde la construcción de tu Red de Aprendizaje es vital.


 Sahana aporta algunos de los modelos más representativos (H. Jarche, Jane Hart, Howard Rheingold, Joyce Seitzinger...


 En todos se mantiene el esquema: Explorar - Reunir - Examinar - Re-rear y Compartir



20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network - Getting Smart by Miriam Clifford via @shellterrell

20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network - Getting Smart by  Miriam Clifford via @shellterrell | |
Networking is a prime form of 21st century learning. The world is much smaller thanks to technology. Learning is transforming into a globally collaborative enterprise.

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