EdumaTICa: TIC en Educación
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EdumaTICa: TIC en Educación
Uso de las TIC para mejorar el aprendizaje y fomentar la colaboración
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Rescooped by Daniel Jimenez Zulic from 21st Century Learning and Teaching!

Student Centered Instructional Methods (Infographic)

Student Centered Instructional Methods (Infographic) | EdumaTICa: TIC en Educación |

I'm a teacher. Now what do I do? There are several ways to engage learners in the classroom. Here are a few ideas if you get stuck. 


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Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Gust MEES
Daniel Jimenez Zulic's insight:

Varias formas de mantener la atención de los estudiantes y favorecer un aprendizaje activo

Mar Mbodj's curator insight, January 29, 2016 4:09 PM

Déplacement de paradigme et les méthodes pédagogiques appropriées. 

Susanna Lavialle's curator insight, March 25, 2016 5:14 PM
We often tend to carry on with our typical teaching methods, and sometimes believe that the trainer needs to stay in charge of the learning event. It can be useful to check out this list... stop and evaluate the different options out there that shift the weight from teacher to learner. Surely there is a part of the learning objective that could be covered better through a learner centered approach.
Philip Smith's curator insight, August 5, 2016 8:44 AM

Not all learner-centered methods involve group work. Here are some other ideas.

Rescooped by Daniel Jimenez Zulic from Technology Classroom!

Curation for Teachers [Infographic]

Curation for Teachers [Infographic] | EdumaTICa: TIC en Educación |
In Professional Learning in the Digital Age: The Educator's Guide to User-Generated Learning, Kristen Swanson shows educators how to enhance their pro...

Via Robin Good, Anne Whaits, Dorothy Minor
Daniel Jimenez Zulic's insight:

Ya en el esquema se ve como ir mejorando la practica, seleccion y calificacion de los sitios y contenidos.

Rajashree Basu's comment, April 3, 2013 3:47 AM
good that curating in a community is helping all of us so much....
Rosie Peel's curator insight, June 8, 2013 3:07 AM

This is very insightful when creating an effective, authentic and reliable curation collection.  It is resources like this one that I feel will benefit others in their teaching and learning journey.

Dorothy Minor's curator insight, July 8, 2013 3:29 PM

This infographic provides insight into showing how to enhance learning. Critical thinking is an important skill in today's world. Students need encouragement in taking ownership of their own learning. We can find ways to encourage students from this link.