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You’re Being Watched Online [Infographic]

You’re Being Watched Online [Infographic] | Educomunicación |
Yes, everything you do online is being tracked. Your searches, the videos you watch, transactions, social events, even crime. Scandalous crimes. With a little help, especially with our guides, you're still able to remain anonymous on the Internet. But understanding how you're being tracked is an important lesson, as are the little things you can…

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ANA's curator insight, January 31, 11:39 AM

whta happens while you are on-line? interesting to think about

Darius Douglass's curator insight, January 31, 2:48 PM

Interesting and something to consider

Francisco Pontes Estevan's curator insight, February 2, 5:14 AM

Sí, todo lo que haces en línea es rastreado. Tus búsquedas,  los videos que miras, tus transacciones electronicas, todas las paginas que visitas...etc.  Entender cómo te están siguiendo es una lección importante para aprender las cosas que puedes hacer para mantener minimamente tu privacidad.

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Privacy: How To See All The Companies That Are Tracking You On Facebook — And Block Them

Privacy: How To See All The Companies That Are Tracking You On Facebook — And Block Them | Educomunicación |
If you're using Facebook, you're giving the company a ton of information about yourself which it is selling to advertisers in one form or another.

Via Gust MEES
Gust MEES's curator insight, January 28, 12:19 PM


Learn more:



Randi Thompson's curator insight, January 28, 3:21 PM

What you need to know...

Kymberley E. Pelky's curator insight, January 31, 2:46 PM

I know I'm not keeping up with everything I could be doing to protect my privacy, but I'm hoping to use this information to help.