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Some Very Good Tutorials to Help Students Develop Online Search Skills

Some Very Good Tutorials to Help Students Develop Online Search Skills | Educommunication |

"The key to unlocking the educational potential of the virtual world is through knowing how to effectively search it with the minimum time and efforts possible. Effective search in this sense refers to the ability to locate targeted information online using ‘informed search queries’. It does take time and practice to develop such an ability but it is worth every single second you spend learning it. Once you learn the skill, you will save so much time that would be have been wasted tracing those search queries that render six figure number of responses."

Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc
Emily Weller's curator insight, May 13, 2015 6:51 PM

This is also an insightful topic to online education, just because we have the internet and the ability to learn from it, it is important to know how to use it correctly for educational purposes. The internet is full of information but it is crucial to decipher what is real and not real and how to narrow searches and save time when conducting research. The internets main benefit is quicker more reliable learning but it is important to learn how to use the speedy information correctly. 

Rescooped by Manuel Pinto from Noticias, Recursos y Contenidos sobre Aprendizaje!

Tutorial de Prezi

Ministerio de EducaciónPlan Integral de Educación DigitalDirección Operativa de Incorporación de Tecnologías (InTec)Colección de aplicaciones gratuitas para contextos educativosTutorial de PreziCrear presentaciones multimediales, mapas ocuadros conceptuales en línea.

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