Mozilla Webmaker's Thimble: A "Gamechanger"—An Educator Innovator Webinar | Educational Technology in the Library |

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What's It Like?

"Thimble is an online webpage editor and set of remixable projects designed to help kids learn how to write the Web. As part of Mozilla's Webmaker project, Thimble displays two windows at once to show kids how the code they write creates the webpage they see on a browser. As kids edit code in the left-side window, the changes they make to things like color, font, and images immediately take effect on the right. Thimble projects featured on the Webmaker homepage are great for beginners and experienced programmers alike. Comments included in each project explain its code and how to change it. Thimble also lets kids compose their own webpages from scratch when they're ready to work independently. Using Thimble lets kids experience the joy of discovering that they, too, can create and publish webpages using authentic code.


Is It Good For Learning?

"Because it's designed to show kids how what they do changes how their webpages look, Thimble a great way to learn code, web design, and problem-solving skills. Thimble gives kids immediate feedback about personally meaningful work. Alerts about "bugs" in the code help kids easily find and fix any errors that keep their webpages from looking just right. Once students get some experience coding, they'll be ready and eager to see how they can use Thimble to publish their classwork and projects online using text and multimedia. The comments in each project and the online community of volunteer Webmaker mentors provide immediate support as students remix projects and begin making their own webpages. As a free, open, and well-supported platform, Thimble, like Scratch, provides one of the most inviting and supportive environments available for kids who want to code and feel like they're a part of the current learn-to-code and social coding movements."

Via Jim Lerman