First OBANZ Community Call - Open Badges in Australia and New Zealand – Google+ | Educational Technology in Higher Education |
It is Open Education Week 2014 and what better week to kick off a new community call for Open Badges users in Australia and New Zealand?

OBANZ (Open Badges Australia and New Zealand) community calls are similar to the Open Badges community calls that Mozilla runs.  The difference is that the OBANZ calls happen in our down under timezones.

Community calls are intended to highlight Open Badges projects and to facilitate the sharing of questions, issues, experiences and research. Many organization in New Zealand and Australia are exploring open badges or have already set up projects.  The calls will let us learn from each other, and explore what Open Badges could achieve down under. We are anticipating a monthly call initially, increasing in frequency as more projects kick off and the community grows.

The Mozilla team has been very helpful to get us started, and we are lucky that for this first call, two team members, Doug Belshaw (Web Literacy Lead) and Jade Forester (Global Community Coordinator) are joining us to talk about the Open Badges project, specifically current topics like
- the web literacy map
- BadgeKit
- Cities of Learning

We hope you join us. You can use the Q&A function if you have questions you would like to ask of Doug and Jade. We would also like to hear from you if you have suggestions for OBANZ, would like to present on your project or issue, or even better, would like to volunteer to help out.

See you all on Thursday!
Joyce Seitzinger & Julian Ridden