Chadvice - Sex and Violence in Digital Media. Prevention, Help & Couselling | Personal [e-]Learning Environments |
Ch@dvice is a Belgian-Austrian project which focuses on online chat as a means of state-of-the-art primary help for minor victims of sexual abuse.


One of the outcomes of the project is the handbook for educators “Sex and Violence in Digital Media. Prevention, Help & Couselling”, produced by the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (OIAT).  The handbook contains useful information on media violence and phenomena such as cyber-bullying, sexting and grooming.


The resource is primarily meant to be used by teachers, therefore it contains tips on prevention but also how to handle such incidents at school. It also touches the topic of assistance for victims, with a special focus on online assistance. It contains a list of helplines operating in the European network under the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission. The resource is complemented with 23 practical exercises that can be used in school or in youth work. 



Since the handbook has been created in the framework of a EU Daphne III project in cooperation with partners from Belgium, ===>  it is available in 4 language versions: English, German, French and Dutch. <===



Via Gust MEES