Less than 4% of students in an MIT online course passed the final. Why investors in education are throwing their money away | Personal [e-]Learning Environments | Scoop.it
Everyone is trying to revolutionize education. And they’re spending billions of dollars to do it.

[...]  But entrepreneurs, investors, big companies, non-profits, government, and even schools are focused on the wrong issue: How to make education more accessible. That’s not the real problem anymore. So businesses with that goal might not turn out to be good investments either.

The problems with education today are relevance and, more importantly, effectiveness. The world has changed. You can blame technology, globalization, demographics, government debt, or whatever you want, but to succeed in the world of today and tomorrow, people need more knowledge, new skills, and broader capabilities than they needed yesterday. What they need is simple. It’s getting there that’s not.

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