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Personal [e-]Learning Environments
A route map on formal+informal cyber-education, ethical e-Learning 3.0, cyber-activism and social responsibility.
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Herramientas Google aplicadas en el trabajo con alumnos.

Ponencia presentada por Miguel Ángel Escudero Fernández, del Colegio Santa Teresa de Cabeza del Buey, dentro del Congreso Nacional de Contenidos Digitales Educativos, celebrado en Mérida los días 4, 5 y 6 de Octubre del 2012.

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15 Lesson Plans For Making Students Better Online Researchers

15 Lesson Plans For Making Students Better Online Researchers | Personal [e-]Learning Environments |

Google is usually one of the first places students turn to when tasked with an assignment. Whether it’s for research, real-time results, or just a little digital exploration … it’s important they know how to properly Google. Lucky for teachers (and students, of course), Google has a handy set of lesson plans that are just waiting to be unleashed upon the leaders of tomorrow.

Via Ilkka Olander, Stefano D'ambrosio
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