Personal [e-]Learning Environments
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Personal [e-]Learning Environments
A route map on formal+informal cyber-education, ethical e-Learning 3.0, cyber-activism and social responsibility.
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How to Create a Table of Contents in #Evernote

How to Create a Table of Contents in #Evernote | Personal [e-]Learning Environments |
Sometimes, you want to have quick access to a bunch of related notes. By creating a table of contents with Evernote, you can seamlessly tie notes together for quick access later.

Here's how you can create a table of contents using Evernote for Mac and Windows.

Via Becky Roehrs
Becky Roehrs's curator insight, January 19, 2015 2:09 AM

I've been needing this for a while-but can only do this on a MAC/PC computer, not on tablets/smartphones

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How To Use Evernote to Manage A Class (with or without iPads)

How To Use Evernote to Manage A Class (with or without iPads) | Personal [e-]Learning Environments |

The following picture of digital collaboration between teacher and student was first conceived as a method for managing a class of high school students in an iPad 1:1 pilot situation. But because Evernote (and the other tools one might potentially add to this flow) is cross platform and cross device, you could implement this in a variety of situations, including a laptop program, or even in a non-1:1 situation. Students really just need internet access.

Via Gumersindo Fernández
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The Ultimate Blended Learning Tool: Sky™ wifi smartpen Introduction

Here's a technology that any student can use to 'blend' the traditional lecture with online productivity tools.

Take notes and they are wirelessly uploaded to Evernote, along with a sync track of the lecture you're listening to.  Very slick.  

~ I recommend this! Dennis O'Connor

Via Dennis T OConnor
Rhys Williams's curator insight, March 9, 2015 4:09 PM

This article was pretty cool as it deals with wifi and smartpens.