The pleasures of self-determined learning: Massive Open Online Courses | TEDxVienna | Education Technology |

It’s hard to collect ideas about the future of education without – rather sooner than later – coming across a smoothly pronouncable acronym: MOOCs, short for Massive Open Online Courses. MOOCs are based on the idea of publishing high quality lectures about any imaginable subject on the web in a format that makes them accessible to interested people all around the world – for free.
And if you happen to picture a selection of undoubtedly useful, but rather superficial video tutorials one might watch out of instant necessities…be happy, you’re wrong. Some examples: Udacity is a spin-off by Stanford University, Coursera collaborates with the University of Washington, the Georgia Institute of Technology and many others. Lectures go way beyond isolated 20 minutes how-to-videos, but rather represent modules ofapproximately six to ten weeks where you can gain deep understanding of a specific subject, be it Model Thinking or History of Rock, Medical Neuroscience or Operations Management.