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TED is awesome…  I recently watched a TED talk by Eddie Obeng  who spoke about our fast changing world.  His central focus was the idea that the pace at which the world is advancing is exponential 

whereas the pace of learning and education is and has been consistent.  Schools are improving – we just can’t keep up.


Consequently, educators are feverishly looking for ways to make schools once-again interesting for kids.


One of my favorite progressive educational leaders and thinkers is Sir Ken Robinson@SirKenRobinson.  He gave a TED talk in 2006 that has since been viewed by over 16 million people. 


He is an advocate for fostering creativity in children because in the end, it will be creativity that solves the problems of tomorrow. 


His concern (shared by many) is that our school systems and institutions are designed around conformity, greatly reducing the ability of educators to foster creativity.



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