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Rescooped by Crissy Borton from Geography Education!

Extreme Sports +Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful landscapes! No way would I do what those people are doing but wow such beautiful footage!

Via Seth Dixon
chris tobin's comment, March 22, 2013 1:59 PM
Great video ....pretty high up, makes you feel like a bird or something, and boy! does he sure come close to the sides of the cliffs! Wonder while he shut the camera off for the descent? that would have been pretty cool. The song was "don't stop my delerium" pretty cool thanks!
Brett Sinica's curator insight, October 8, 2013 3:21 PM

These "GoPro" cameras are truly one of a kind.  I would never personally do this type of stunt, but the few people that are willing to share this perspective are greatly appreciated.  The scenic views in Scandinavia are unique considering their ancient land formations.  The glaciation which formed in this specific region are like no other, the colors and various land matter all in one shot with rivers, mountains, and green valleys.  Even some of the fjords give off an emerald color from the oceans which can be seen as they literally fly down the cliffs and mountainsides.  Pictures are one thing, but a video of a birds eye view is on another level.

Lauren Stahowiak's curator insight, February 27, 5:48 PM

The extremity of wing-suiting over Switzerland embraces the natural beauty of its mountains and valleys. This sport is very dangerous and daring, but pays off in excitement and unbeatable views. 

Rescooped by Crissy Borton from Geography Education!

Religious architecture of Islam

Religious architecture of Islam | Education in the world |

It is interesting that some of these building were used as both masques and cathedrals. I was surprised to read that those working on the Mezquita in Cordoba Spain were free to worship their own religion in it.

Via Seth Dixon
Cam E's curator insight, March 4, 11:14 AM

I particularly like this article as it demonstrates something which is lost among talk of Islam. I once was speaking to an Imam about how different sects of Islam could spring up when they only had one holy text which was unchanging. The Imam described to me that each culture attached their own ideas to Islam far in the past, to the point where the two become intertwined and indistinguishable from each other. This can account for the differences we see in architecture, but also the differences we can see in belief and practice of Islam.

Quran Coaching's curator insight, July 18, 12:32 PM
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