- Perspectives of a collection - until 02.06.2013 | Education in Muesums |
Perspectives of a collection, 16.06.2012-02.06.2013
- Exhibition. How does media art define itself in the course of an almost 40-year-old collection? What changes, what comes to form a whole, what was overlooked and where does it go from here?


The exhibition deals with collecting activities at the Neue Galerie in Graz in the area of media art, the essence of which becomes evident in the spectrum of exhibitions held over the past 40 years. Building on the 2009 exhibition Rewind/Fast Forward at the Neue Galerie Graz and its first-ever survey of the institution’s video art collection, the current exhibition Perspectives of a collection will offer a broader view of other parts of the collection such as installation and photography, but also of what is missing and desired.

Via Jacques Urbanska