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I'm passionately against the new form of tracking that I'm seeing in schools today. We used to place students with special needs in self-contained classes and isolate them from the rest of the school population. We got away from that in most places in the country and the word Inclusion was coined.


Inclusion, however, did/does not always work because there are teachers who, for a multitude of reasons not all their fault, teach one way, whole class, same books, same pace, same, same, same. It CAN'T work many screamed. So rather than ensure best practice teaching is happening in schools, we started tracking again, however, it's now done in a way that is not so obvious.


We are sneaking tracking back into our schools. We place students with special needs in the general classroom then include all the lower performing students, and add in English language learners and take out the top level students. Where do they go? Honors classes. I'm seeing honors classes as early as 6th grade. What's the problem with that? We are going backward. That is tracking.


Decades worth of research confirms that tracking does not work -- not even for the high level students. Why do we ignore the research? I'm going to be placing links to that research on my website. I'm so disgusted that we are going backwards... and then we tell the teachers who have those "low classes" that they will be evaluated on student performance on state tests. Who will want to teach those students?


Susan Gingras Fitzell, CSP, M. Ed.


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