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Rescooped by Mary Cunningham from Eclectic Technology!

Educational Leadership: Reflections on Resilience

Educational Leadership:  Reflections on Resilience | Educating in a digital world |

"Resilience begins with beliefs. If you believe in the capacity of all individuals to demonstrate resilience, you won't give up on them. Your actions, words, and behaviors will project that message and will awaken and foster resilience in your students."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, September 6, 2013 6:02 PM

This September the publication "Educational Leadership" is focused on Resilience and Learning. There are many articles available at the ASCD website and this one provides a list of 11 reflections on resilience, available as text only or as the infographic (downloadable as a pdf). Several other items listed in this are below.

* Resilience is a process, not a trait.

* Everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, has the capacity for resilience.

* Resilience isn't just for people from high-risk environments...

Each of these has additional detail and an additional 7 are available in the post.

Rescooped by Mary Cunningham from Eclectic Technology!

Getting into the right mindset for better learning

Getting into the right mindset for better learning | Educating in a digital world |

Mark Gleeson once again provides insight into an infographic. This one on fixed vs growth mindset. In this post he states "Originating from Stanford University psychologist/researcher Carol Dweck, its premise (from my initial reflection) is that as learners, we can either improve our intelligence through hard work or that we are born with a skill set and intelligence level that we are stuck with."

Via Beth Dichter
Mary Cunningham's insight:

This fits really well with the SIM work that has been happening!  It is a nice visual representation of the Dwek work.


Beth Dichter's curator insight, April 7, 2013 5:58 AM

What do you think? Do your students come to you with a fixed mindset? Is there future pre-determined by birth? Is intelligence static? Or do you students come in with a growth mindset, with the knowledge that learning takes effort and time, the ability to try and fail, and try again (and again...)? Can intelligence be developed?

Gleeson provides an overview of the two mindsets and explores the infographic and the five categories within in it by asking each as a question. Below is one example...but you will find questins for each category in the post (challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism, success of others).

Quoting from the post:

OBSTACLES: Do we allow our children/ourselves to give up when learning becomes too difficult and stay in a growth- limiting ‘comfort zone’? OR Do we expect our childen/ourselves to persist until we overcome those obstacles and celebrate the achievement of success against all odds?And if you would like to watch a short video that discusses fixed mindset check out this link:

Jaimee's curator insight, March 5, 7:06 AM

People/Students do not go for the challenges because they are scared of failure. With failure come consequences fro example low grades. Anyone can say the grade doesn't matter  it is what you learned, however without the grade you can lose out on getting accepted into colleges or fail a class. 


This article is about  about how one can reach success by having a growth mindset.  By gaining and having the drive to gain more knowledge.