Interesting observations in this piece today from Conversation Agent - Things are moving and changing so fast in this space, it's good to stay current, watch what's happening and make better choices on how and what to share and where to share it.


"Which one is more important to you: Having an awesome experience, or recording and documenting it?


The new Facebook Timeline feature was no doubt created to help people record and display their experiences.


Here's what caught my attention:


The ticker? Let's face it, how can you be intimate with all your friends watching in the room with you? Activity as performance. Then performance as identity.


At every turn, Facebook seems to have subverted the intimacy of social experiences by turning them into public performances. Not only has the intimacy of what was once private slowly eroded into the public, but more and more of Facebook users’ online activity is being drawn into the performative identity. [Joe Moon; hat tip Gina Trapani]


We do have some of that on Twitter, of course. Thankfully, Twitter slips away the moment it's recorded. And now, with its faithful companion at its side, Klout, it encourages what I call the treadmill effect -- people busily going nowhere, just to keep up.


Google+ is a great place to have those conversations and have them stored in your profile, which now you can search. Since they opened the network to the general public, new conversations and threads are populating the stream. Filling it with the interesting, if sometimes tangential, chatter of a public square, and the occasional direct message from people you don't know.

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