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How To Be An Effective Content Curator: A Resources Guidemap

How To Be An Effective Content Curator: A Resources Guidemap | Ed Tech | Scoop.it

Via Robin Good, Rui Guimarães Lima, Paula Silva, WebTeachers
Paula Silva's curator insight, March 3, 11:34 PM

A useful source for content curation.

Ali Anani's curator insight, March 4, 12:37 AM

Curate and scoop it- this one shows you how to curate  effectively

Christoph Meier's curator insight, March 11, 9:38 AM
Robin Good's insight:


Here's a valuable resource on content curation, "distilled" by the students of the DCurate MOOC lead Martin Couzins and Sam Burrough which organizes over 60 different articles, guides and tools on the topic.


This resources collection is presented in the form of a Pearltrees interactive map, organized into eight sections:


1. Why Do We Need Curators


2. What Is Digital Curation


3. Aggregation vs. Curation


4. It's All About Audience


5. How Do We Find Valuable Content


6. How Do You Decide What To Curate


7. Curation Tools


8. Contributions from participants


If you are new to content curation this is a good resource to bookmark and keep as a reference.


DCurate MOOC sign-up: http://www.curatr3.com/portfolio-item/how-to-be-an-effective-digital-curator/  ;

See also: http://sco.lt/99a09Z ;



Free to use.


Explore the guidemap: http://bit.ly/digitalcuratorguidemap ;


See also: https://gibbon.co/RobinGood/content-curation-guide ;

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Online Free MOOC: How To Be an Effective Digital Curator

Online Free MOOC: How To Be an Effective Digital Curator | Ed Tech | Scoop.it

Via Robin Good, Joyce Valenza
Robin Good's curator insight, January 10, 1:24 PM

Though it started on January 8th, you are still very welcome to sign up for this online free course on content curation, organized by Sam Burrough and Martin Couzins that will last for the next two weeks.

Here the key topics covered:

  • Why do we need curators?
  • What is digital curation?
  • What’s the difference between aggregation and curation?
  • Do you know your audience?

  • Passion for your topic
  • Practical ways to manage and filter information flows
  • Tools for curation

From the official course page: "This course would suit anyone who is looking to understand more about curation and wants help to get started. It’s aimed at people in marketing, internal or external communications, learning and development and anyone who wants to share their passion for a topic with the world."

Free for everyone.

Sign-up now: http://www.curatr3.com/portfolio-item/how-to-be-an-effective-digital-curator/ 

Lori Wilk's curator insight, January 10, 4:04 PM

This is a great opportunity