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Why the NRDC’s Montana “Wolf Stamp” Must Be Stopped

Why the NRDC’s Montana “Wolf Stamp” Must Be Stopped | GarryRogers NatCon News |

By Brooks Fahy, Executive Director, Predator Defense

"Recently one of our county’s most highly respected environmental organizations, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), proposed that wildlife advocates improve the plight of wolves in Montana by purchasing a special wolf “conservation” stamp for $20. The money raised would allegedly be used to resolve wolf conflicts nonlethally, as well as for public education, habitat improvement and procurement, and law enforcement.

"Sounds great, right?


Garry Rogers's insight:

As much as we want to trust and work with our public agencies, we have to do so with caution.  Shifting political breezes often force well-intentioned agency employees to change their commitments.  We must seek strong, binding agreements before beginning any cooperative ventures.

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