Future cities: sustainable and resilient | Économie circulaire locale et résiliente pour nourrir la ville | Scoop.it
How can we make our future cities less resource-hungry, more sustainable, and more resilient to the ever changing global conditions?


This is probably one of the most significant questions we face as the global population is expected to rise to 9.3 billion by 2050, with urban dwellers likely to make up two-thirds of that number.


Of course we want to lift people out of poverty, as the Millennium Development Goals state, but the desire to own and consume is often at odds with the carrying capacity of the planet and the local capacity to deal with the implications is often not present in local government.


We need our urban communities to become more resilient in the context of decreasing resources of all kinds. We need citizens to be empowered to develop their own sustainable solutions. We need new infrastructures that can encourage, enable and empower innovation at every level...

Via Lauren Moss, association concert urbain