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We all know that when it comes to wine-making, some years yield better wine than others. If you like to sip a little wine while looking at pictures, then The Wine Advocate's "Vintage Chart" may appeal to you. (It's just a pity that they don't acknowledge the fact that there's more than one wine-producing region in New Zealand!) That got me thinking about vintage years for econometrics. Funny how the mind works, sometimes, isn't it? So, this post is for you budding students of econometrics. Our future lies with you, but it's not a bad thing to know something about our past! 


You've probably guessed already that this post is going to be the first of a series. No promises about when the others will appear, though!
In econometrics, what constitutes quality and importance is partly a matter of taste - just like wine! So, not all of you will agree with the choices I've made in the following compilation.