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BoP until you drop

BoP until you drop | Economic Growth |
MAINLAND China can now boast over 1m wealthy citizens (qianwan fuweng) each with over 10m yuan ($1.6m), says the latest edition of the “Hurun Report”, which...
Harriet Phillips's insight:

Is this a short term issue, or will this persist into the long run?  Is this something Chinese authorities should be worried about?

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Notes From Underground: Chinese GDP growth

Notes From Underground: Chinese GDP growth | Economic Growth |

... Rick Santelli discussed a piece last Thursday that was a reiteration of an old theme: Don’t trust the Chinese data. Christopher Balding, a professor at Peking University’s HSBC Business School, maintains that, “there is strong evidence indicating the real Chinese GDP growth, and ultimately total real GDP, may be significantly overstated.” Balding maintains that the Chinese inflation data had been manipulated  and/or “willfully fraudulent.” Professor Balding finds the housing data during an 11-year period comical as it shows housing prices rising 0.53% on average and in rural areas the rate was three times faster. Be skeptical of the call from the pundits who claim that markets move on Chinese economic releases. The more skepticism, the less influence. Transparency is a great disinfectant of contrived data. ...

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Hal's curator insight, August 21, 2013 1:29 PM

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The Economic Stagnation Named ‘Recovery’

The Economic Stagnation Named ‘Recovery’ | Economic Growth |
While most of America remained focused on the Obama administration’s machinations regarding Syria, another set of underwhelming economic statistics were released Friday.

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