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ShoeDazzle Violates First Rule Of Ecommerce Merchandising - Do No Harm!

ShoeDazzle Violates First Rule Of Ecommerce Merchandising - Do No Harm! | Ecom Revolution |

ShoeDazzle had a great thing going with its shoes-as-a-subscription service, and then it decided to switch business models. Now it's flailing, and people are pointing fingers at new CEO Bill Strauss, but it's not quite that simple.

Marty Note
Fascinating read here about the violation of the first law of e-commerce. When something, no matter how strange, is working you stay with it, you double down. ShowDazzle's subscription service, something that was wrapped in gamifcation, made the service fun, engaging and special. Now, without the subscription service, not so much. Now they are just like any other online shoe seller because they violated the first law of ecomm - DO NO HARM.

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Using Lookbooks to Inspire Shoppers

Using Lookbooks to Inspire Shoppers | Ecom Revolution |

Lookbooks are collections of photographs complied to promote a particular clothing or product line. In the past, fashion designers, photographers, and other artisans have used lookbooks to promote their work, get jobs, or just plain sell. But more recently lookbooks have evolved a bit to become a popular form of social media content and a popular way for merchants to engage shoppers.


Lookbooks make a visual appeal to a shopper's senses and imagination. A well-photographed and well-marketed lookbook can inspire shoppers to buy...

Marty - very cool. Very Pinterest. I bet this helps conversion. 

Via Nebojsa Stojanovic
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Stop Loss: "Managing" Your Ecommerce Sales Funnel

Stop Loss: "Managing" Your Ecommerce Sales Funnel | Ecom Revolution |

Managing Your Ecommerce Sales FunnelPractical EcommerceAn ecommerce business has a sales funnel. Business-to-business sales funnels are generally more complex than business-to-consumer ones.

Marty Note
By "managing" what they really mean here is using anaytics to improve your conversion and reduce your dropout rates.  

Via Catapult Ecommerce
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Q: Is Social Media the New SEO? A: Yes

Q: Is Social Media the New SEO? A: Yes | Ecom Revolution |

Has social media so changed the seo landscape that social shares are most important and do other seo strategies even count?




To understand the rising importance of social media on search, let’s backtrack to two interesting developments to Search:




1) The launch of Social Search (Content that is shared within your social networks is given priority) and


2) The general inclusion of social signals in rankings (The amount of likes, shares, reddits etc. that an article receives has a direct impact on its rankings).




Read More:

Marty Note
Smart and insightful as always from Antonino and Gerrit. Once social signals became part of the algorithm they did whta they do - they multiplied like rabbits in spring. Are we at the point where social signals ARE SEO. Yes.

Via Antonino Militello, Gerrit Bes
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Mobile Banking: Safer Than You Think [Infographic]

Mobile Banking: Safer Than You Think [Infographic] | Ecom Revolution |

Long gone are the days when a mobile phone was used for just phone calls, or even texting. In this gadget-filled world, where phones are “smart” enough to do just about anything in the palm of your hand, more and more mobile phone users are paying bills, searching the Internet, and using social media online. To be exact, 84% of the population use their phones for these services during any given week. And now, your smartphone may also be turning into your very own mobile bank.

Some folks have already learned the convenient advantages of using their phones to avoid bank lobby lines, and checking their balance from anywhere, at any time. But even if 1 in 5 users are already using mobile banking, others are still skeptical about the security of accessing such important financial information from a smartphone. Is it really safe? According to experts, yes, since your mobile banking ID is usually tied to your phone and your phone only, and banks are able to practice real-time fraud monitoring with SMS and push-messaging. And if you’ve activated your phone’s GPS capabilities, that’s even more security protection — many times, this allows banks to monitor and stop fraud before it even starts. It’s expected that mobile money managing will continue to gain converts, and, by 2013, it’s expected that 1 in 3 mobile users will be doing most of their banking via smartphone. If you haven’t joined the ranks of the 80% of mobile banking users who’ve already stepped away from the ATM and logged into their accounts on their smartphone instead, chances are you may find yourself doing more mobile banking in the next year.

Marty Note
I've always felt Interent anything is safer than tossing my CC down at my favorite restaurant in not such a nice neighborhood. It feels like there will be copies flying around the world before I am out the door (lol). The death of cash is about to change everything as this Infographic from Brian proves.

Via Brian Yanish -
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Think SEO is a Game? It Kinda is – Here’s the Game of Thrones Proof [Infographic]

Think SEO is a Game? It Kinda is – Here’s the Game of Thrones Proof [Infographic] | Ecom Revolution |

Are you an uber SEO, or card game nerd? Then you'll love this crossover. Great breakdown of the players in SEO and their "powers".

Marty Note
Cool Infographic from a trusted source.  

Via janlgordon
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, September 6, 2012 10:35 PM
See you are a PRO now on Think anyone with 100K views should get their account comped by Marc and Guilluame :). Thanks for all the great scoops and welcome to the rodeo as a paying member. Marty
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Social Business Brings Measurable Value [Infographic]

Social Business Brings Measurable Value [Infographic] | Ecom Revolution |
Social business technologies and initiatives are becoming more important to business and must continue to show business value.

Organizations today are starting to realize measurable business value from their social business initiatives. However, most firms have yet to measure the return on investment of their social business investments, according to a recent survey by Mzinga, Teradata Aster, and The Center for Complexity in Business at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

According to the study, organizations today are primarily using social technologies for the following:

64% for marketing initiatives 47% for customer support 39% for employee collaboration 27% for sales

The data points suggest that social business technologies and initiatives are becoming more important to business in general and it’s only a matter of time that they be considered normal business practices.

Forty-nine percent of those surveyed for the Infographic said, “Yes, I’ve attained measurable business value through the use of social technologies. But I haven’t used it to its full potential yet.”


By Michael Brito.

Download Exploring-The-Use-Of-Social-Technologies-And-Big-Data-Analytics-In-Business.


Marty Note - Can't believe we are still debating this issue of Scocial ROI, but we are so here is a good bullet to load in your gun the next time someone attacks social as a game.

Via maxOz, Jesús Hernández
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5 Tips To Tell A Better Story To Help SEO

5 Tips To Tell A Better Story To Help SEO | Ecom Revolution |

Telling great stories has never been more important. Google's Panda and Penguin changes prize site heuristic measures such as Time On Site, Pages Viewd and their algorithm has always hated high bounce rates. Stories help improve heuristics and reduce abandonment and bounce. This article includes 5 tips to help your website tell better stories.

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When Titans Go To War: Google Wallet vs Apple Passbook

When Titans Go To War: Google Wallet vs Apple Passbook | Ecom Revolution |

Here are a few stories from the commerce space that caught my attention this week.

Marty Note
This faceoff over the future of money is starting to feel Rumble In The Jungle or 2 Men Enter One Man (or company) leaves. Control the money and you control almost everything else and thus why the poker is exciting, costly and killer.

The interesting part of this faceoff is who will win the CONFIDENCE that money has become. Money isn't a physical thing anymore. Money is the reputation you've earned expressed in real time via social signals, your past (online and off) and an algorithm's understanding of your soul. This fight is over who will control Web 3.0 and the coming Semantic Web so stakes couldn't be higher.

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Why It May Be Time to Sell Amazon - [or maybe not Marty Note]

Why It May Be Time to Sell Amazon - [or maybe not Marty Note] | Ecom Revolution |
Why It May Be Time to Sell AmazonForbesThis is especially true for a company such as Amazon (AMZN), which remains in a neck-and-neck battle with Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) for technological supremacy.

Marty Note
It never ceases to amaze me how misunderstood Amazon's (AMZN) ecommerce benefits are by Wall Street. This article says Amazon is battling Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) for "technological supremacy". Yeah, not so much as it turns out.

Google and Apple make money in very different ways. Google makes money from the arbitrage of keywords (advertising or what it has become) and Apple is a product company. The sales of Apple's best sellers are probably greater on Amazon than their own site. Apple is not built for ecommerce Amazon is built to sell things online to people.

Amazon embraced platforms way before anyone realized how important the User Generated Content (UGC) they generate would be so valuable to ecommerce. Amazon has many other first mover advantages including:

* Over 1B indexed pages in Google.

* An incalculable number of Page 1 Google listings.
* A PageRank of 8.

* An algorithm almost as fine as Google's and arguably better at arbitrage.

The cumulative impact of these benefits creates the great wall of the Internet. In online commerce there is Amazon and then, far off down the road, is everyone else. The Internet's "rich get richer" nature means Amazon's castle can't be stormed short of some major disruption.

The combination of Social, Local and Mobile could be the disruption that hurts Amazon if they don't respond. SoLoMo is an alternative universe wild and untamed. Of the three companies mentioned by this article Apple is in the best position vis a vis SoLoMo, but only slightly. Because I use an iPhone doesn't give Apple the edge on where I go on my iPhone.

The app store does give Apple a large moat, but not an unbridgeable one. Android proved that and the distributed nature of phones means scale in hardware and software is almost impossible for any single company to achieve.

Apple recognized this and so created the ability to use their platform something Apple does only when not doing so is suicide (and even then). Amazon, Apple and Google all face a new world of smaller presentation on mobile devices powered by GPS.

That is a significantly different world that no one has a clear strangle hold on it. Apple may lead, but Google caught up and in some important ways passed them with their more open platform. The problem with open platforms is they are so open quality is harder to police and domination is more difficult.

No matter who wins the hardware the real battle is in the new world of distributed apps and mobile commerce. Responsive design is going to be the rule of the land here soon and it brings many new and important constraints such as SPEED, functionality and the difference in the search function since there is a need to add in PLACE.

It may be time to sell all three of these stocks if you don't have an iron stomach because these three horses are neck and neck coming into the home stretch and there are no guarantees a dark horse won't appear and win the SoLoMo race.

If you are playing with house money, and you should be by now on all three, hang in. If not and you have profits take some and hang on as it is going to be a wild 18 to 36 months as SoLoMo sorts out.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Creating SEO Landing Pages That Convert

Step-by-Step Guide To Creating SEO Landing Pages That Convert | Ecom Revolution |


Excerpt from the article:


Let’s get started with our step-to-step guide for creating SEO landing page (that converts!


Step 1: Set your landing page goals
Step 2: Develop Search Personas
Step 3: Create content with search personas in mind
Step 4: Arranging the layout of your SEO landing page
Step 5: Keep the most important element above the fold
Step 6: Use Pictures to Boost Conversions
Step 7: Make Use of Videos
Step 8: Be persistent with your call-to-action
Step 9: Leverage Testimonials
Step 10: Use Heatmaps to easily identify the focal point areas
Step 11: Write effective headlines to drive traffic


Curated by Agostino Caniato:


To deepen the points just mentioned read the full article here:

Marty Note
Don't usually think of SEO "landing pages". Usually use "landing pages" to describe where paid traffic lands, but the distinction is lost when traffic and its origins are becoming as murky as it is now. Semantics aside this ariticle is full of some of my best tricks including personas, pictures and CTAs (call-to-actions).

Via Agostino Caniato, Katia Frolova
Katia Frolova's comment, August 28, 2012 11:02 AM
Liked the pic :)
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Dream Of Keyword Research Guiding Business Decisions

Dream Of Keyword Research Guiding Business Decisions | Ecom Revolution |

If you work in online marketing, you should be familiar with Google Trends for Search, which will show you the change, over time, in search volume for the keywords you enter. As you are doing keyword research, I highly recommend adding the monthly Trends column to your results page so that you are able to see which terms are gaining traction in which months, and which are not.

Marty Note
I love the IDEA of this post, but have had real difficulty applying the overlay of using the most powerful marketing tool ever created to proactively guide future decisions. I believe the obstruction is in our hubris. We marketers tend to believe in our ability to be one with the crowds we serve.

Here is the rub to my 12 year Internet marketing career. No matter how simple and clear we thought we mad something in our little team lab we inevitably had to make tweaks once the thing we were so sure represented the mind of the mob was actually being used by our mob.

This is the Hisenberg uncertainty thing. We bring our own baggage to any decision. Once a feedback loop is established we can strip away that baggage and simply respond to what is happening now. The good news is once the mob speaks via metrics their voice is hard to deny. Why that voice is so much easier to see in retrospect instead of as this excellent article projects in advance is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

We BUY with emotion and JUSTIFY with logic This article imples in a world of data we reverse human nature. Love the idea here and if your company has been successful forming up proactive around data instead of opinion, ego and hubris please share HOW you did so :). The ZEN required to achieve what is suggested in this post is so valuable, so immediately available and present the companies that learn and apply it will create advantage.

Via paulo oliveira
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Google Police On Reviews: Asking For Reviews OK, Soliciting Reviews Go Directly To Jail

Google Police On Reviews: Asking For Reviews OK, Soliciting Reviews Go Directly To Jail | Ecom Revolution |

What is the difference between asking for reviews and soliciting them? It seems that a number of SMBS have discovered that one leads to jail time.


Google has been throwing out reviews left and right of late. This is not a bug but the outcome of a newly aggressive review spam filter.

Marty Note
Wow, every now and again I read a random thing and it bums me out for days. This note on Google's random and hard to understand crack down on reviews is a bummer. Reviews are any ecommerce site's lifeblood.

Since reviews = MONEY to ecommerce we created a "Buzz Team" when I was Director of Ecommerce. We invested heavily in teaching the Buzz Team how to write reviews. We would never teach WHAT to say, but how to say things in fair and keyword dense ways was a lesson worth teaching.

This excellent post from Kike Blumenthal makes it sound like our Buzz Team is on the wrong side of a new review law that seems capricious and cruel. One question I still have is Google policing their reviews or all reviews. I suspect it is the later, that Google is using new algorithm to decide if your review is too pat, too good.

This seems related to their new Panda based machine learning, the magic bifocals that can see through walls of spam. Like optimized linking reviews will need to BE not just appear random. That means teaching reviewers how to spell and use specific language is probably OUT.

Unfortunate since we used to get a lot of, "It’s great," or "It sucks" reviews. There is a comment about attack reviews too and that is a concern since attackers always seem to know how to make their content play well with Google (i.e. random, natural sounding but killer use of keywords).

All ecommerce merchants should read this post about Google's latest Panda / Penguin roust and prepare for rain.

Via Linda Buquet :: Catalyst eMarketing, Neil Ferree
Michael Ehline's comment, February 24, 2013 11:27 AM
Linda is an expert at what she does.
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The New Ecommerce: The Convergence of Information and Storytelling

The New Ecommerce: The Convergence of Information and Storytelling | Ecom Revolution |

 Everyday our lives and businesses generate vast amounts of data and the rise of cloud computing and the internet has enabled us to store and retrieve this information easily. The challenge has always been to enable people to use data and to communicate simply. There are a few visionaries that have mastered the art of data visualisation like Edward Tufte and Stephen Few. The future depends on the blend of this fusion of information and storytelling.


[Photo credit:]

Marty Note
Yes these are the classic fathers of visualization (Tufte and Few is new to me). I see the future of ecommerce as a visual one. I base that assumption on:

* Experience as an Ecommerce director for 7 years.
* Testing impact of video on product page conversion.

* Quick rise of Pinterst.

* Ongoing evidence graphics are beating text as a medium.

The more data there is the more the skill of the storyteller is important. BI, a traditionally left brain engineering talent is merging with storytelling s right brain creative skill more and more, faster and faster and better and better.

More and More, Faster and Faster, Better and Better

Via Gregg Morris, Richard Andrews, Barb Lack
Pagina Uno's curator insight, March 26, 2013 2:26 AM

Il futuro sta nella fusione di informazione, grafica e narrazione di storie. Il futuro è da scrivere, oltre le consuete categorie.

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Q: Do Your Call To Actions (CTAs) Stink? A: Yes Fix CTAs with these tips from CMI

Q: Do Your Call To Actions (CTAs) Stink? A: Yes Fix CTAs with these tips from CMI | Ecom Revolution |

How do you classify calls to action? Where do they perform at their best? Two CTA experts weigh in on how content marketers can use them more successfully.

Marty Note
Crafting great CTAs takes skill, practce and learning from others who have already cracked the code such as this article from the Content Marketing Institute 

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25 Best eCommerce Focused Wordpress Themes | DesignWoop

25 Best eCommerce Focused Wordpress Themes | DesignWoop | Ecom Revolution |

In this article I have provided you with unique collection of some of the best WordPress eCommerce themes that you can download.

Marty Note
I like some of these, but remember not to obsess about the pretty picture aspect of your store. Ecommerce is about the 4 Cs: Content, Community Campaigns and Conversion. Great look and feel can only help with one of these - conversion.

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Can You Ask The Greatest Ecomm Question?

Can You Ask The Greatest Ecomm Question? | Ecom Revolution |

Atlantic BT.1,325 likes · 5 talking about this...

Marty Note
We live in different times, times when asking the right questions may be more important than one's ability to pontificate. We are working on a new game that asks a simple question (lol):


If you are interested in playing or just following along to see who will be crowned as the greatest E-Commerce Questioner. Please...

Like Atlantic BT On Facebook ( )

Follow @Atlanticbt on Twitter ( )

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Earned Media Takes Over As Paid Gets Noiser And Less Effective

Earned Media Takes Over As Paid Gets Noiser And Less Effective | Ecom Revolution |
Earned media is on the rise as marketers scrutinize the effectiveness of traditional paid media.

Marketing plans have always juggled some form of paid media (buying an ad), owned media (building a web site or store), and earned media (coverage in press or word of mouth). But the lines have blurred between these three forms of media.

Some ad agencies have started hiring Earned Media Directors. Some PR agencies have started placing media buys.The best paid media generates earned media .Tom Fishburne found this media chart useful, as it shows  the integrated commingling of Paid, Owned, and Earned Media.

The net result of this blurring is that we have to earn ALL of our media more.


By Tom Fishburne.


Marty Note
Discovering social signals in Google's PPC means even paid media has to be earned now. We all compete for non-renewable resources (TIME and ATTENTION). The one is gettign shorter and the other is getting harder to get. You can't sell something to anyone who doesn't care.

So EARNING your "media" is another way of saying you are in the winning hearts and minds business whether you pay for them or not.

Via maxOz
maxOz's comment, September 9, 2012 6:31 AM
Thanks Alessio Enjoy your Weekend! xxx
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Visual Storytelling for Marketers ROCKS!

Visual Storytelling for Marketers ROCKS! | Ecom Revolution |
Humans have been telling stories with pictures since the days of cave paintings, so we should be pretty good at it by now.


All right, uswant to increase your business? Then translate your business stories into videos.


I know I know, who's got the time in which is the best tool to use? Most of my stories I share with my clients in the board room. When I think of taking some of my business stories and creating a video or two to share on my website, I get just completely overwhelmed.


But this info graphic drives home the necessity of creating these videos so that your stories can do your marketing for you. For example, for those of you who have products 85% of customers are likely to purchase purchase a product after watching a video on your website about it. Wow!


For service businesses, 65% of the C suite or top senior executives of the company will continue to research you after viewing one of your videos. Wow again!


there are quite a number of articles in this collection about tools and strategies for creating effective digital stories. So dig in, learn lots, and work creating these videos into your schedule. And I'll work hard on trying to take my own advice!


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

Marty Note
Karen (@Kdietz) is a great storytelling resource. I agree with all of these ideas especially moving stories to video. I just got back to my desk after shooting a "Conversation" with my boss Jon Jordan about Ecommerce.

Easy, painless and fun and the video will attract 10x the followers of the same information written into a blog post. Visuals are crushing textuals so be sure to incorporate these tips into your storytelling. Oh, and don't forget STORYTELLING is your marketing strategy.

Via Jimi Paradise
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Low Hanging Fruit: Linkbuilding with Screaming Frog

Low Hanging Fruit: Linkbuilding with Screaming Frog | Ecom Revolution |
It kills me when there are linking opportunities right under my nose. No one has made me realize this more than Adam Melson.


How to build relationships (then links)


Please, please, please do not use this approach to ask for a link back. It’s a great way to build relationships with journalists and webmasters. They know who you are so why not reach out and ask to work together on a project (depending on what they’re saying about you…).

Marty Note
I concur and suggest begging for backlinks is a nonstarter anyway. If you want a backlink from a PR6 or above they know what they have and will either charge you (thus violating Google's directive to NOT pay for links) or treat your request like it doesn't matter (because to the rich the needs of the poor rarely do matter).

There are two ways I found to get links from high PR sites:

* create highly "purple" content.

* do a site you want a link from a favor.

Purple content, as in Purple Cow the book by Seth Godin, is viral and walks around the web on the strength of its shares. High PageRank sites will want to be included in sharing great content. Be sure to return he favor and share theirs.

Solving a problem can be anything from finding a broken link to suggesting a book or related content either on your site or someone else's. You can also comment on their posts as that can help build a relationship. You don't become BFFs in a minute, so expect the kind of relationship building that can lead to positive links to take some time.

Begging for links seems an impossible journey now, so don't waste your time. This link from Level343 is a good way to help writers and so develop relationships. I like this approach too since it creates the invisible quid pro quo we westerners respect.

Via Level343
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Why Do Visitors Leave Your Website Like Their Hair Is On Fire? [Infographic + Marty Note]

Why Do Visitors Leave Your Website Like Their Hair Is On Fire? [Infographic + Marty Note] | Ecom Revolution |

Did you know that that 40% of web visitors never return to a website after a bad browsing experience? Businesses by and large have come to understand the value of creating compelling content for attracting and retaining web visitors. But it is also important to ensure that a website is designed in a way that ensures a compelling user journey.

You surely don’t want your visitors to head to the exit door of your web real estate as soon as they have entered, right?

The question remains – what makes for a bad web experience? According to Kissmetrics, things such as poor navigation, obtrusive use of video and audio, boring content and design, and poor legibility can put online users off and result in excruciating bounce rates.

Kissmetrics provide the answer in this infographic, visualising some examples of what not to do when designing your website but also dishing out advice on how web design mistakes could be fixed.

Marty Note
An important list. Of the items on this infographic Bad Nav is my favorite target when I'm looking to increase conversion from a site. Navigation can be bad in many ways including:

* Not aligned to keywords (so not aligned to how customers THINK).

* Bait and Switch - pitch one thing deliver another.

* Landing pages don't make sense or are too confusing no secenttrail.

* Scenttrail is off - words in nav don't match landing environments.

The best nav fits Google and its landing pages like a glove. Google is an important place to start for more reasons than you realize. Sure you need traffic from Google, but those search counts also represent a large and more important idea. Search counts represent the semantic way your products and services are understood in the world.

You may understand your products and services as Y and the world understands them as X. I that case go with X is my best consulting advice because the way you think about something only matters on your about page. After that you want to match the market. 


Via Brian Yanish -
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!'s Circles App Leads The Way To A New Mobile Enabled E-Commerce's Circles App Leads The Way To A New Mobile Enabled E-Commerce | Ecom Revolution |

Take a spin through the free app for iPad to discover art in a whole new way. Explore collection wheels of colors, words and curators.

Marty Note

The app is everything the Met's New MyMet is not.'s Circles app is fun, easy to use, fast and inspirational; the app creats a new kind of intimate product engagement.

The idea is organize your products in the usual way and then create an unusual access, an strange and creative engagement that creates upsell and cross sell by virtue of what your customers do with your tool. You don't describe the path as much as you create the tool and stand back and watch.

Circles is the new ecommerce, the we have these things and want to tell these stories but the over and hierarchy is up to you the customer. We merchants are curators and party hosts. We make sure no one gets too drunk to drive home, punches a friend in the nose or missing the magic going on in the other room. has it going on. They are creating the new commerce that starts with a responsive set of ideas layers in data and then blows up the usual suspects to create new ways in, new "user in control" or "users who feel in control" ways into your data. We merchants displace traditional approach to sit back and watch how our customers play with our new toys. We make sure we learn and create the next cool ideas even before circles has a chance to get old.

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Ecommerce Revolution: Why Shopping Will Never Be The Same

Ecommerce Revolution: Why Shopping Will Never Be The Same | Ecom Revolution |

A technological convergence is remaking bricks-and-mortar stores as the future of retail is upon us.

Marty Note
Agree this is a tipping point year with mobile hitting stride, predictive analytics moving from backsteat to front and some lean, mean fighting ecommerce machines out there using more and more, faster and faster, better and better as their guide to the new Ecommerce revolution. I've been an Internet marketer a long time, since 1998, and this feels like a watershed year.

Via Kira Levine, Fred Zimny
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, August 29, 2012 7:48 PM
Well done start to what looks like a great feed Jennifer. Thanks for this Rescoop and please suggest things to my Ecomm feed when I miss them as you are always going to be more up on the fashion side than me (lol). Fashion is where a lot of cool things are happening too, so this feed is a new must watch :). Marty
Jennifer Manuel Carroll's comment, September 25, 2012 9:33 PM
Thanks, Marty! I will keep a watch on your scoops, as well:).
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LA Nasty Gal: Great URL, Beautiful Women, $40M For World Domination = Huge Hit

LA Nasty Gal: Great URL, Beautiful Women, $40M For World Domination = Huge Hit | Ecom Revolution |

Nasty Gal, a site dedicated to selling (Index Ventures invested in Nasty Gal - #Nasty Gal #IndexVentures #Ecommerce...)...

Marty Note
Great name, great concept, beautiful women and $40M in the bank, so success is going to happen for Nasty Girl.

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Mobile: What Every Retailer Should Have For Back-To-School Marketing

Mobile: What Every Retailer Should Have For Back-To-School Marketing | Ecom Revolution |

We have reached the dog days of summer when I, along with millions of other parents, eagerly prepare to send our kids back to school. A large part of this preparation is the exciting, often mind-numbing and definitely expensive back-to-school shopping. The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates during August and September shoppers will spend a total of $83.8 billion. Smart shoppers are increasingly utilizing mobile devices, including tablets, to search, compare and even transact the best back-to-school deals while they are in-store or online. Homework is not just for the kids anymore.

The NRF survey cites that mobile continues to be a primary driving force in the retail industry and that next to the holidays, back-to-school is the one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. Some key stats from the NRF’s 2012 Back-to-School and College Surveys:

More than 50% of those surveyed who own smartphones will shop in some way via their mobile device for both school and college merchandise.

Smartphone usage to research products and compare prices back-to-school for K-12 is 33.3% and college 31.5%.

Nearly seven in 10 tablet owners will utilize their tablets to shop for school and college items.

58.7% of smartphone owners looking for school merchandise will use their mobile devices.

These numbers rise among 25-34 year olds, with the majority of smartphone owners in this age group using their devices to research products and compare prices for back-to-school (54.2%) or college (50.1%).

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