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3 Optimization Tips for Increasing Your Average Order Value
Business 2 Community
One case study highlight by KISSMetrics suggests that upselling may be 20x more effective for eCommerce that cross-selling.

Marty Note
I've used all three of these ideas when I was a Director of Ecommerce. My favorite was trigger point free shipping. We did extensive testing and never say less than a 40% increase over our Free Shipping target. If we set a $60 target our AOV (Average Order Value) was right at 100.

We did see order growth slow the higher up the target. Our AOV ws $63 so raising our target to $75 pushed AOV up but decreased order volume. Without Free Shipping our AOV dropped into the fifties so we more than covered the cost of the offer with the additional $40 we gained.

Unique merchandising can cut out price comparison so liked that tactic for that reason.

Cross-Selling is a great idea to move AOV up and increase your profit mix. If you have a private label where your margins are higher and you can move conversions to it do so. If you have products whose close rate is great use those.

When you up-sale be careful of doing so in the cart. The cart can be great for up-sale if you do so gingerly and efficiently i.e.without any additional worry or work. When your customers want to give you money first rule of ecommerce is take it.