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5 Holiday E-commerce Trends Infographic via Curagami

5 Holiday E-commerce Trends Infographic via Curagami | Ecom Revolution |

Holiday E-commerce Trends Infographic shares trends in free shipping, gamification, mobile, cause and loyalty marketing we've watched for years including:

* Free Shiping
* Smartphones & Mobile
* Gamification & Loyalty
* Cause Marketing

* Ask for Help

More on Curgami

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Why The Internet of Things Changes...Well Everything

Why The Internet of Things Changes...Well Everything | Ecom Revolution |

Internet of Things (IoT)
The idea of a connected world where objects can communicate via the internet with each other and with computers and smartphones, does seem to have endless and even overwhelming possibilities.


For businesses, IoT technology opens up the potential for smarter process and efficiency, more targeted marketing and better understanding of customers by utilizing data and digital insight. The opportunities are so vast, that for many companies, coming up with a clear strategy for how to implement this new technology is a huge step.


In the retail industry, recent research conducted by Forrester found that 96% of retail decision makers are hoping to make the necessary changes to adopt IoT technology in the near future but over half are concerned about integration challenges. And this is a big part of the issue – to really make sure they harness the potential of this new technology, customer focused businesses need to first consider a few key areas....

Marty Note
@Jeff Domanskyhits two key Internet of Things issues squarely:

* Securely and reliably connecting everything.
* Understanding how IoT tech means greater efficiency and a better post-purchase experience for customers.

At Curagami ( we see several important synergistic intersections including:

* Money becomes less and less important.

* Subscriptions become more and more important.

* The need to mashup, combine, filter and control the NOISE is going to be huge.

That last point is reinforced by life today. When apps make life easier they scale quickly (Uber) when they add to a noisy world they struggle. Adding to PAIN doesn't scale. Reducing pain in favor of getting more by doing less but getting more or having fun instead of digging ditches feels like a winning idea.

The future could become even more unreasonably noisy. Do we really need to know our fridge needs a new filter, our cat is almost out of food and our car is due for a tuneup? Finding a way to quiet the demand curve of IoT feels like a winner to us. What about you?

Via Jeff Domansky, Os Ishmael
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, January 24, 2015 2:22 PM

IoT and retail together? Who knew?

As the retail journey becomes increasingly mobile, there is an opportunity for retailers to adopt IoT technology to enhance the shopping experience. The marketing winners of the future will be those who embrace the Internet of Things for efficiencies and innovations we cannot yet see.

SNMinc WebGems's curator insight, May 15, 2015 9:43 PM

"Customers are mobile-first and always on"

Clearbridge Mobile's curator insight, June 15, 2015 2:34 PM

The possibilities for retail are virtually limitless. Developments in mobile technology, virtual and augmented reality, wearables, and more offer the ability to radically transform the retail experience. We've come up with 4 concepts for enhanced retail experiences. Visit to learn more!

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There's A New Ecommerce Coming FAST. You In? via @Curagami

There's A New Ecommerce Coming FAST. You In? via @Curagami | Ecom Revolution |
Zazzle, Cafe Press, Etsy and Sara Harvey show how ecommerce's social future is about collaboration, empowering and sharing. Does your store do that?

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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4 eCommerce Packaging Trends In 2014

4 eCommerce Packaging Trends In 2014 | Ecom Revolution |
4 eCommerce packaging trends that we will see in 2014. Discover different companies that are using their packaging with additional value to sell more.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Here is my take:

Green Packaging (unless the supply chain has gotten vastly better I don't agree. If mainstream packaging suppliers are offering green alternatives that are price competitive a smart ecom site could riff marketing value greater than the cost.

2nd Life Packaging - this is an interesting trend. Think of it as can you easy include instructions on making something new from your packaging. If you can then instead of one and done you packing and may have a longer shelf life right along with your marketing message. Longer YOUR packing is in THEIR home and not the landfill the better.

Functional packaging - much like the last trend creating packaging that helps solve pain points is good for branding.

Mixing and Matching packaging concepts - selling baby clothes in sushi packaging and so making your brand and line of baby clothes more "purple".

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Ecommies Holiday 2013 Report Card

Ecommies Holiday 2013 Report Card | Ecom Revolution |

Ecommies - Identifying ecommerce trends, rate and review ecom tools and hold annual awards.

Holiday 2013 Awards
First Ecommies Holiday ratings are in. William-Sonoma & top the list in November and December.  L. L. Bean gets "most improved" award from November to December and several trends emerge:

* Free Shipping out and back is trending especially in December. 
* Free shipping all orders is trending. 

* Hiding free shipping behind either codes or triggers is declining.

* Deal of the Day is trending with majors like adding DOD.

* Standard credit card based loyalty programs prevalent. 

* Still many catalog and retail merchandising tactics such as "door busters". 

Ratings report card on Google docs: 

Holiday ecommerce merchandising wasn't very inspired this year. December ratings went DOWN from November. Based on this year's performance ecommerce is clearly in a rut. 

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The Rise of Social Shopping via @HaikuDeck

The Rise of Social Shopping via @HaikuDeck | Ecom Revolution |

Rise of Social Shopping
Blink an eye and big stuff happens. With valuations in the billions for sites such as +OpenSky and in the hundreds of millions for relative newcomer Don't get lost in the trap such valuations create.

Remember Arthur C. Clarke's quote:
Any sufficiently NEW technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC.

There are several forms of new ecommerce magic happening now including:

+Wanelo = gamified, social & mobile shopping.
MassDrop = social affiliate program.
+OpenSky = Social Shopping with a #crowdfunding or +quirkydotcom  feel. = social shopping.
+Etsy = +eBay for crafters.
+Woot = Daily Deal

We added a new section to our Ecommerce Questions Haiku Deck to reflect the rise of social shopping. We also noted how and why Amazon should be worried. New "social shopping" plays are hitting Amazon right where they are vulnerable - community, social and mobile.

Amazon is  "Search and Stab" and they are about to compete with savvy mobile game creators. Shopping as a social game will beat low prices created by scale. Didn't Amazon just prove that point by vanquishing Walmart from the king's ecommerce throne?

Amazon understands the ARBITRAGE of online commerce better than anyone, but what if arbitrage wasn't the driving force anymore? Going to be an interesting fight between SCALE and its many benefits and a new generation of "kids" who don't know any better than to question everything, assume nothing and have FUN.

Fun is contagious. Will follow with video notes soon.

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Ecommerce Trends 2015 via @Curagami & Haiku Deck

Ecommerce Trends 2015 via @Curagami & Haiku Deck | Ecom Revolution |

After Curagami's annual Black Friday online retail study ecommerce 2015 trends such as free returns and ship to store are clear. This Haiku Deck explores trending online retailing tactics, strategy and pressures merchantsface in 2015.

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Future of Shopping: eBay's Pitman & Motif's Walia via @Curagami

Future of Shopping: eBay's Pitman & Motif's Walia via @Curagami | Ecom Revolution |

By mashing eBay's Pitman with Motif's Walia we see the functional, social and mobile future of online retailing, ecommerce and mobile / social shopping.

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Trends and Strategies For The Commerce Marketer

Trends and Strategies For The Commerce Marketer | Ecom Revolution |
Marketing driven commerce is about engaging your customers whenever and wherever they are. Get started in creating new marketing strategies and optimizing current ones with guidance from these white p
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent ecommerce white paper from Bronto my favorite email marketing tool. Trends include:

* Mobile Pushes desktop to the side.
* Content is KING but focus is Queen.
* Retargeting works but know when to stop.

* Value comes from relevance.
* Beware of ISPs & online services bearing gifts.

* Automation is your friend, but don't forget PEOPLE.

Excellent report especially on mobile and how mobile is changing everything.

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As Goes Digital Europe, So Goes The World: 5 Trends in European Digital Consumption [Infographic]

As Goes Digital Europe, So Goes The World: 5 Trends in European Digital Consumption [Infographic] | Ecom Revolution |

A McKinsey iConsumer survey spotlights key trends in e-commerce, mobile, multichannel, social media, and big data. From McKinsey via Tons of excellent infographics in one place.

Europe is higher up on the evolutionary Ecom ladder than USA. Perhaps due to high gasoline prices or not having as dispersed or developed a brick and mortar environment (would be hard to duplicate Walmart's distribution prowess when so many countries are involved) England's retail is already at 15% several points ahead of America.

This infographic is instructive about the future of the world, ecommerce, mobile commerce and social media.